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Pheromones - Delusion Or Reality - Do Pheromones Work?

Pheromones - Delusion Or Reality - Do Pheromones Work?

I did a fast search on the Internet for pheromones.

Pheromones are chemical compounds launched by an organism into its setting enabling it to speak with other in its personal species. There are many different types I soon learned.

Insect Pheromones

Alarm Pheromone.

When an ant is disturbed, it releases a pheromone that may be detected by other ants several inches away. They're attracted by low concentrations of the pheromone and begin to maneuver toward the area of increasing concentration. As they get nearer to their disturbed ant releasing an alarm pheromone, their response changes to one among emergency and alarm. They run about to try to break up the disturbance that caused the alarm.

Except additional quantities of the alarm pheromone are launched, it soon wears off. This ensures that once the emergency is over, the ants return to going about their business.
Honey bees also have an alarm pheromone which is why if you happen to get stung close to a hive you may anticipate more bee stings really quickly in case you are not careful.

Leaving a Trail Pheromone

A path pheromone is left by arms as they move about once they have discovered food. This path attracts and tells other ants where to go to find the food. It is frequently renewed as long as the food holds out. When the provision begins to dwindle, The trail Pheromone ceases to exist. The trail pheromone evaporates quickly so different ants cease coming to the location and should not confused by old trails when meals is discovered elsewhere.

Sex Pheromones

Hundreds of pheromones are known with which one sex (usually the female) of an insect species attracts its mates. Many of these sex attractants - or their shut chemical family members - are available commercially. They have proved useful weapons in opposition to insect pests as they can be used to attract insects to a entice, and to confuse males in order that they won't reproduce. There are spiders that produce a moth sex pheromone to assist catch their prey. A number of animals equivalent to dogs will mark their territory by peeing. It is stated that the scent of pheromones for men ( is one of the territory markers. Website URL: