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Nikon D5600

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In additional D5600 was introduced by Nikon in November 2016. It belongs to the Amateur DSLRs category.

Nikon is well-known and shouldn’t require further introduction, please see our manufacturer’s page for more digital cameras by Nikon.

Brand Nikon
Category DSLR
Date 11/2016
Sensor Properties

Also D5600 features a CMOS sensor in APS-C size (with Nikon cameras: DX)that has an area of approximately 24 x 16 mm² (0.93″ x 0.61″).

Picture of D5600’s sensor compared to popular format.

Infographic: D5600 comparing sensor sizes

The 1-Euro coin has a diameter of 23.25mm.

The D5600’s sensor has resolution of 24 megapixel.

The Nikon supports taking images in RAW. RAW images are stored as they come from the sensor, without any in-camera processing or sharpening. Converting to JPEG or other formats takes place on the computer, using software like Adobe Lightroom or Nikon’s RAW converter. This involves one extra processing step but almost always results in superior image quality. Some filters, like converting to monochrome (black and white) will only yield decent results when used with RAW images.

The D5600 features a mechanism for automatic sensor cleaning.

Format APS-C
Sensor area 23.50 x 15.60mm²
(0.93″ x 0.61″)
Resolution (physical) 24.78 megapixel
Resolution (effective) 24.20 megapixel
Pixel size 15.30 µm²
Sensor cleaning
RAW support
Continuous 5 frames/second
Interchangeable lens
Mount Nikon F
Viewfinder Properties

The D5600 has an optical viewfinder with a penta mirror. Viewfinders with a penta mirror are typical for entry level cameras. The viewfinder covers 95% of the field of view and has a magnification of 0.54x, an average value for a viewfinder like this.

Type Optical (Penta mirror)
Coverage 95%
Magnification 0.54x
Dioptric correction

The D5600’s shutter speed varies from 1/4000s to 30s.

Max. shutter speed 1/4000s
Min. shutter speed 30s
Sensitivity Properties

The D5600’s sensitivity goes from 100 ISO und 25600 ISO, a very useful and practical range.

Min. sensitivity 100 ISO
Max. sensitivity 25600 ISO
Exposure Modes

The D5600 supports all general exposure modes.

The Nikon allows spot exposure for the difficult occasion.

Center weight
Auto Focus Properties

The D5600’s auto focus processor has 39 AF points. The main point is about that the more points the autofocus has then preferably. If AF has more points then you have a better opportunity to have a focus at the interesting area. In addition, It is a big advantage in a difficult condition. For example, when doing macross.

Manual focusing is available in the Nikon. Even in complicated location.

Type Phase Detection
AF points 39
Manual focusing
Flash Specs

The D5600 has a built-in flash with a diapason of up to 12m (40 ft.). That range will fit for almost all occasion.

Range 12.00m
(40 ft.)
Hot shoe
Display Specs
D5600 display and touch screen

The D5600 display has a diagonal of 81.00mm (3.2 inches.) and a resolution 1.04 megapixel.

The camera display is intended for selfies or other occasion.

Display parameters:

Type LCD
Size 81.00mm (diagonal)
(3.2 in.)
Resolution 1.04 megapixel
Touch screen
Video Specs

D5600 video supported the resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixel.

Also the camera is equipped with an external microphone.

Nikon D5600 Video parameters:

Max. resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel
…with frame rates 24 frames/second
25 frames/second
30 frames/second
50 frames/second
60 frames/second
External microphone
Connectivity & Wireless Specs

The D5600 has Wifi connectivity already built-in. Use Wifi to transfer images to a smartphone or computer and to remote control the camera. With NFC, camera and smartphone can be paired without the need for passwords.

For photo transferring users may use Bluetooth option.

Eventually, if the wifi connection is disabled the wired connection may be used.

Connect the Nikon to a monitor or TV set over HDMI.

The Nikon supports USB 2.0.

Connection parameters:

Remote (wired)
Remote (infrared)
HDMI (standard)
HDMI (mini)
HDMI (micro)
USB 2.0
USB 3.0
USB Micro
USB Mini

The camera supports SD HC and SD XC cards.

Memory cards characteristics:

Slots 1
Memory cards SD

The Nikon D5600 has a EN-EL14a LiIon battery. The battery provides a shooting life of 970 shots. It`s enough for one day or more.

The D5600’s battery battery parameters:

Type EN-EL14a LiIon
In-camera charging
Battery life 970 photos

The Nikon D5600’s size is 124.0 x 97 x 70mm³. (4.9″ x 3.8″ x 2.8″). That dimensions are without lens. The weight of camera is 4.9″ x 3.8″ x 2.8″ grams (465 oz.) without lens weight.

Here is front and top view of the D5600:

Nikon D5600 Dimensions (Width / Height)
Nikon D5600 Dimensions (Width / Depth)
Dimensions Comparison

For a better idea of the size of the camera, takes a look off camera and ID card comparison image.

Nikon D5600 size comparison

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